Marijke Zaalberg
Founder of the Foundation Soleil De Hollande / Stichting Naar School In Haïti, Marijke Zaalberg started in 1998 in the mountains south of Port au Prince in Haiti with education: the establishment of the foundation to school in Haiti.

A L’École en Haíti
The school has grown into a main building with sixteen rooms, a kitchen, a nursery, a volunteer residence, a private water supply, four wooden changing rooms and a vegetable garden. Over 800 children follow education; from first class kindergarten to third grade high school. In addition, the children receive a hot meal every school day, often the only meal for them. If necessary, assistance is also provided in the area of ​​temporary shelter, medical care and assistance to children going to other schools. From school, projects are also set up and implemented to improve living conditions for residents in the area around the school. There are examples of spreading seeds, beans, goats and help in building earthquake and hurricane-resistant houses.


Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. A country where more than 80% of people are illiterate and unemployed. A country that is regularly plagued by natural violence. But also a country where children supported by Stichting Naar School in Haiti have a chance of a better existence.

For the funding of her work in Haiti, the foundation is entirely dependent on donations from individuals, companies, schools, churches, institutions and the like. Help is therefore needed.

Afroinky supports Stichting Naar School in Haïti by giving away a large proportion of her income so that children can help continue.For more information or how to help, please visit the website of the Foundation Soleil De Hollande: